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AEI Ring mounted weapon system

Ring mounted Gun Systems are a complete solution manufactured by AEI Systems. The lightweight AE20-VM2 Aluminium gun mount is counterbalanced to minimise intrusion into the crew served area and provides traverse and high elevation movement. The gun mounts are assembled to a manually operated slewing ring providing 360 degrees traverse. A backrest, manual gearbox, ring locking brake, backrest and freewheel handgrips are fitted to the slewing ring. Optional protective shields are available in Steel or composite armour materials.

Ring Dimentions
Outside diameter:1,198 mm
Inside diameter:984 mm
Height:56 mm
MaterialsSteel or Aluminium
Total Weight (less ammunition)
Steel slewing ring:222 kg
Aluminium slewing ring178 kg
Weapon mounting options
ANF17.62 mm
GPMG7.62 mm
M2 HMG12.7 mm
HS80420 x 110 mm
ALEXIS20 x 102 mm
AE20-VM2 Data sheet

AEI 20mm Ring Mount th





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