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AE84 – RCL Recoilless Rifle

The AE84 – RCL Recoilless Rifle is a man-portable, reloadable multi-role Recoilless Rifle designed to fire Mecar’s M540/M550 series range of 84 mm ammunition. Other 84 mm ammunition types are compatible with the AE84-RCL. The rifle consists of a thin walled rifle barrel with a hinged breech locking Venturi recoil damper to the rear. Forward hand and trigger grips provide firing position comfort and a rear stock supports the weapon to the operators shoulder. The AE84-RCL is fitted with optical and reversionary sights as standard. Optional laser ranger finder and image intensification/night vision equipment can be readily fitted. Mecar’s rocket-assisted HEAT round is able to penetrate more than 300 mm of armour steel, and has an effective range of more than 700 metres. A ballistically matched training round is also available.

  • Lightweight
  • Reloadable
  • Multi-role
  • Single or dual operator use
  • Rapidly deployable/fast response time
HEM540 High explosive
ILLM542 illuminating
HEATM543 High explosive Anti Tank (rocket assisted)
HEAT TPM552 Training practice – HEAT ballistically matched

The AE84-RCL can be fired from any position. Bipod legs attach to the forward hand grip for added stability. Ammunition is loaded from the rear by opening/closing the hinged breech locking Venturi. The weapon is normally operated by a 2-man crew but is not essential. There must be sufficient space behind the weapon so that recoil blast is not obstructed.

Calibre84 mm
Crew2 (optimal) or single operator
Weight14 kg
Length1,065 mm
BreechHinge locking Venturi
Rate of fire6 rounds per minute (typical)
SightsOptical & Iron, Laser range finder & Image intensification
Data sheet

ae84 rcl th

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