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DEFA 30mm Aircraft Cannon

DEFA 30mm Aircraft Cannon

DEFA 552a, 553 & 554

The DEFA 30mm Aircraft Cannon is a single barrel, gas operated revolver cannon chambered for electrically primed, 30mm x 113mm ammunition. The 552a and 553 Cannon share many common components and offer similar performance. However, the 553 cannon is fitted with a two shot cartridge-initiated re cocking system and an improved chrome plated barrel. The 554 cannon is similar in design, but with the following exceptions;

  • Rate of fire was increased by feeding ammunition in two stages instead of three and can be controlled for 1,200 or 1,800spm.
  • The number of re-cocking cartridges was increased to seven.
  • Many of the components are of new design and cannot be interchanged.ApplicationsThe DEFA is a lightweight, compact weapon suitable for all types of combat or trainer aircraft.

Mounting of the gun is possible at any angle through 360° on the longitudinal axis. Both left and right hand feed versions are available. It is suitable for installation internally, or externally.

Product information

AEI offers its customers a wide range of spares to support this weapon. Our high inventory level of shelf spares plus our computerised information system guarantee fast order processing (including an AOG service) and minimum turnaround times. All these factors combine to give AEI a justifiable world-wide reputation for the highest standards of customer service, support and satisfaction.