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ALEXIS 20 mm Cannon

ALEXIS 20 mm Cannon. DA, IPR & OEM

AEI Systems is the Design Authority (DA), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and owner of the IPR and proprietary rights for this gun to the latest standard.

The AEI Systems – CANiK ‘ALEXIS’ 20 x 102 mm cannon is in full scale development, where 2 pre-production guns are scheduled for initial test firing end Q2 2025. ALEXIS, designed from the ground up by team AEI Systems – CANiK, is a gas-operated, reciprocating bolt, single-barrel lightweight cannon developed for air, land and naval platforms.
Featuring a belt-feed, disintegrating link weapon system, ALEXIS offers both single-shot and burst firing modes, with a variable pre-selected firing rate of 300 or 750 shots per minute.
It boasts a new design ammunition link, compatible with the M14A2 link and optimized for improved performance feed and link ejection.

Data specifications
Calibre:20 mm x 102 mm - NATO Standard
Gun mechanism:Single barrel, electrically fired, gas operated,belt feed, disintegrating link
Rate of fire:250 to 350 spm & 650 - 850 spm
Range (Effective)1500 m (max)
Muzzle velocity:1,030 m/s
Recoil force:2.5 kN mean; 4.5 kN max
Weight of cannon (less magazine):49 kgf
Cocking system: Mechanical or electrical
Ammunition feed:LH or RH (not switchable)
Weight;49 kfg
Length (Overall):2.3 m
Length (Barrel & muzzle brake);1.7 m
Width;190 mm
Height;210 mm
TPTarget practice
TP-TTarget practice Tracer
APArmour piercing
AP-TArmour piercing Tracer
HEI High explosive incendiary
MPMulti purpose
ALEXIS Data sheet

ALEXIS 27 11 1





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